Can I spot reduce fat?

Can I spot reduce fat?

How is fat stored?

Most fat is stored in fat cells just under the skin.  These fat cells are located all throughout our bodies.  For women there is a larger number of these cells collectively located around the breasts, waist, hips and buttocks.  Men have a higher percentage of these cells in their chest, abdomen and buttocks.  When fat is stored it is distributed throughout the body evenly.  The reason you see  a higher percentage of fat in certain areas is simply that there are more fat cells present in those particular areas.  So, just as fat is stored evenly throughout these cells, it is also burned evenly throughout these cells.

How do we get rid of fat?

The best way to reduce fat that is stored in fat cells is to create the environment where fat is needed to be used by the body as an energy source.  You may have guessed that this means raising your heart rate, and that means cardio workout!  Raising your heart rate is the only way to reduce the amount of fat sitting in those fat cells.  The interesting thing to note here is that the “engine” which is demanding this energy is your muscle tissue.  This is why when we train you we include both cardio AND strength training.  By increasing the muscle mass we are creating an “engine” that will burn more energy when it goes through the cardio workout, therefore burning more fat.

Can I spot reduce fat?

Will those sit-ups spot reduce the fat from around your stomach?  No.  Will they tighten the tone of the muscle in that area, therefore helping your core strength and helping with posture?  Yes.  So keep doing those sit-ups, just don’t expect them to burn the fat around your stomach.  Do a good cardio work out for 30 minutes a day (and adjust your nutrition)  and you’ll be on your way to reducing the fat stored in your fat cells.

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