Group Personal Training

My passion is to help people stay strong and fit as they age. Many of the health challenges older adults face could have been avoided with regular physical activity (training). It doesn’t matter how old you are, or when you begin, having a regular exercise routine will be a great benefit to your overall health.


Getting in to a regular exercise routine can be challenging on your own, and having an appointment with a trainer can be just the motivation you need. Not only that, we tend to work harder and accomplish more when we have a trainer than if we work out on our own.


Training with a group of people is a great way to get motivated. My groups are encouraging, supportive and all-inclusive.  None of my sessions are the same…variety is the ‘spice of life’. In each session there will be exercises to build strength, exercises that will get your heart rate up, and exercises to strengthen all those muscles we need for good posture (otherwise known as ‘the core’). I have a variety of equipment and some sessions may include boxing. I always have spare exercises up my sleeve to work around any injuries you may have.

Training Sessions


Karkarook Park, Moorabbin (entrance via Fairchild Street)

Monday:  9am & 6:30pm
Wednesday: 6:30am & 6:30pm
Friday:  9am
Saturday: 9am


There are no joining or administrative fees, just one fee of $40 per week for unlimited classes. Groups are kept small so each person is given more specialised attention.

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Benefits of Training and What to Expect

Strength Training


Strength training increases muscle density and strength around the joints. This will help with metabolism and increase your body’s need for energy during cardio work so you burn more calories. Core strength-training works on the muscles used to stablise all movement from your knees to your shoulders and also assist with your posture.


Some instances of back pain can be attributed to poor core strength and posture. But you should check with your doctor if you have back pain in which you are uncertain of the cause, prior to embarking on any training program. For strength-training I use dumbbells, medicine balls, weight plates, resistance bands, bosu ball and more.

Cardio Training


The heart is a muscle. To strengthen the heart we need to increase our heart rate during exercise. When we do this, we actually increase the heart muscle. In turn, every time your heart beats, it has the capacity to pump more volume of blood, thereby reducing the number of times it has to beat to supply your body with oxygenated blood. Hence, the more fit your are the lower your resting heart rate, and you heart doesn’t have to work as hard.


Exercises such as plyometrics (bursts of exercise like squat jumps, jump-ups on to a step, medicine ball throw and burpees to name a few) will be used as well as interval training (sprints and longer bursts of exercise such as running with a resistance band, cardio circuit that includes hurdles, ladder work, etc). There will also be some running.